Story Description

     Detective Tommy Vietti isn’t happy about being interrupted on a Sunday morning while in bed with his new girlfriend, Sadie. He reluctantly leaves her for Muir Beach to inspect the murder scene of Jina Pak, a cyber security analyst for the Federal Reserve Bank. At least she was, until someone slit her throat as she sat by a campfire. 

     Tommy expects the Feds to take the case from him since it involves an employee of such a high-profile, international institution. Instead, they send Roxy MacNeil—a Scottish banking expert—to co-investigate with him. Smoking her cigarettes, using vulgar language and drinking Scotch, Roxy gives the impression that she’s a sluff-off. However, Tommy notices that things aren’t quite what they seem when Roxy is around. 

     District Attorney Amanda Hawthorne nurses her battle scars from her war with the Italian mob, wondering if she should have a baby, like her fiancée, Dr.Jen Dawson. As they consider who might be the perfect sperm donor, Amanda must turn her attention to Tommy and Roxy’s murder investigation as well as campaign for re-election to the DA position. 

     Juggling her busy clinical practice and raising a child, Jen Dawson is by Amanda’s side at campaign events. She can handle Amanda being a semi-celebrity, having a ton of old girlfriends, and even being hit on by strangers at events like the Dyke March. Roxy MacNeil, however, is Jen’s worst nightmare. Beautiful. Mysterious. Smart. Sexy. And powerful. As far as Jen knows, Roxy is more powerful than Amanda, and Amanda is drawn to power like a dog to raw meat.