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The San Francisco Mystery Series, Books 1-5

A perfect beach read, this legal thriller/crime drama series tests the bonds of love and loyalty among Dr. Jen Dawson, Detective Tommy Vietti and District Attorney Amanda Hawthorne.

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Tinted Chapstick, The San Francisco Mystery Series, Book 4

PJC - Amazon 5 Stars

"If you love women and you love San Francisco, there is absolutely nothing better than this series. Some of the best writing available to LGBTQ readers, this story really does have it all - mystery, action, narrative, rhythm, characters you love and hate, and GREAT sex scenes. This writer very accurately describes the intense emotions and inner thoughts of two women in love."

Zanz - Goodreads 5 Stars

"I love the SF Mystery Series! These characters have great depth and seem like REAL people with real and extraordinary problems. I love the strength that Dr. Jen shows in this book and I think we are only scratching the surface of Amanda’s, would it be ego or maybe dysfunction? Add to all this the love triangle with foxy Roxy. Crime - passion - loyalty - desires." 

Debby - Amazon 5 Stars

"Could not put the book down, just like the rest of the series. I loved this book and the entire series, can't wait for the next one!" 

TNSGRL - Amazon 5 Stars


"Can’t wait for next book in series; I have read all the other books and I have not been disappointed; thank you for the awesome writing you and your team put out."

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Tinted Chapstick, The San Francisco Mystery Series, Book 4


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sativa strain, the san francisco mystery series, book 5


Why are pot and yoga in a crime drama featuring f/f romance?


A legal thriller/crime drama that tests the bonds of love and loyalty among District Attorney Amanda Hawthorne, Dr. Jen Dawson and Detective Tommy Vietti. 

In Sativa Strain, Amanda carries with her the quiet confidence of a yogi, the unrelenting burden of a prosecutor, and the demons that torture the corners of her soul.

Newly re-elected as San Francisco’s DA, Amanda faces her biggest internal and external foes yet when she and Detective Tommy Vietti investigate a high-profile murder implicating Kara Montiago, the CEO of a Silicon Valley tech company and candidate for President of the United States. 

Sleep evades Amanda as she obsesses over the specter of a respected colleague’s involvement in the toxic murder scheme. Navigating the shoals of SFPD corruption, Tommy and Amanda learn that Kara Montiago is a philandering, Sativa-smoking dominatrix who preys on male subordinates at her company.

Amanda is especially vulnerable during her outpatient drug rehab therapy, fighting urges that tempt her day and night. Battling her desire to control everything around her, Amanda rekindles her relationship with Dr. Jen Dawson, the love of her life, testing the boundaries of Jen’s patience. 



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About Alexi Venice



 Writer * Dog Lover * Biker * Water Enthusiast

Alexi Venice delights in offering readers the chance to escape the absurdities of reality for the sanity of fiction. Her popular San Francisco Mystery Series is a crime drama that tests the bonds of love and loyalty among Dr. Jen Dawson, Detective Tommy Vietti and District Attorney Amanda Hawthorne.

Venice's 30-year legal career informs her medical and crime fiction. She also personally researches her adventure scenes, including flying a jet, shooting assault rifles, wake boarding in the Caribbean, testing her strength at CrossFit, doing yoga, and getting the crap beat out of her boxing.

Venice, who used to live near San Francisco, is married and now spends most of her time in Wisconsin.

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